Native Wildlife at Banjos

While staying at Banjos children and adults alike will be delighted with the visits from the friendly locals

When you stay at Banjos, you are at one with the Australian bush.  Not only are you surrounded by a rich variety of native trees and shrubs including towering eucalypts, vibrant wattles and flowering callistemon, there are also elegant Xanthorrhoea (grass tree), giant ferns and an abundance of native grasses.

From your lodge and along the many walking trails you can watch the grazing mobs of friendly Eastern grey wallabies and kangaroos regularly with joeys in their pouches. Echidnas, possums, goannas and blue tongue lizards abound.  Magpies and Kookaburras whose songs define the Australian bush, striking King Parrots, Crimson and Eastern Rosellas as well as the magnificent Black Cockatoos are regularly balcony visitors.